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ada 5 kategori, NGO, Sekolah, UKM/Small Medium Enterprise, Large Corporation, dan Lifetime Achievement. Terbuka untuk Umum dari seluruh dunia.
untuk Large Corporation: Recognition Awards. UKM&NGO: $1.500.000.Lifetime Achievement:$500.000.Sekolah:$500.000 untuk tiap benua.


The world is in desperate need of innovative solutions to create a new, sustainable energy future. No one knows who or where the next great energy solution will come from. Solutions and technologies that could change the world are being developed globally, and the $4 million Zayed Future Energy Prize, managed by Masdar in Abu Dhabi, is ready to recognise and reward these innovators of our time.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize came to fruition as a result of the vision of the late Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In 2008 at the World Future Energy Summit, His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the UAE, announced The Zayed Future Energy Prize, to honour his father’s legacy of environmental stewardship.

With a mind towards ensuring that the Prize reaches out to the different key players in the industry; The Prize will is awarded annually to: A Large Corporation, A Small and Medium Enterprise, A Non-Governmental Organization, a Lifetime Achievement recipient and up to 5 High Schools from 5 different world regions.

The prize was increased in 2012 totalling to US$4 million, making it the world’s largest annual prize purse in renewable energy and sustainability.

The Prize is distributed among the categories as per the following breakdown

  • Large Corporation – Recognition Award (No monetary value)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) – US$ 1,500,000 (One million and five hundred thousand dollars)
  • Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) – US$ 1,500,000 (One million and five hundred thousand dollars)
  • Lifetime Achievement (Individuals) – US$ 500,000 (Five hundred thousand dollars)
  • Global High School – US$ 500,000 – Total value (Five hundred thousand dollars)
    • Divided amongst 5 Global High Schools in 5 different regions, awarding each up to US$ 100,000 (One hundred thousand dollars)
      • The Americas
      • Europe
      • Africa
      • Oceania
      • Asia


The evaluation of each submission for the Prize consists of a four-stage process. Every category is evaluation according to our four criteria: Impact, Innovation, Leadership and Long-Term Vision.

The weight of every criteria varies with every category.

The first stage: A reputed international research & analysis firm conducts due diligence on all submissions to ensure that they meet the criteria of the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Submissions are culled down to be evaluated by the Review Committee.

Second stage: The Review Committee meets to evaluate and score the short-listed entries received following the due-diligence.

Third stage: The Selection Committee reviews every entry

Fourth stage: The Jury meets in person to discuss the entries and select the winners per category. The final decision is unanimous.


 Launch of Nominations and Submissions – March 4, 2013

Close of Nominations for Lifetime Achievement – July 22, 2013

Submissions Close – August 5, 2013

Review Committee Meeting – September 29 and 30, 2013

Selection Committee Meeting – October 27 and 28, 2013

Jury Meeting – November 17, 2013

Awards Ceremony – January 20, 2014

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