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 Individuals from ICID member countries (Indonesia termasuk). Peneliti (atau farmer) dengan teknologi yang dapat diikutsertakan dalam salah satu dari empat kategori penghargaan berikut: WatSave  Technology Award, WatSave  Innovative Water Management Award, WatSave  Young Professionals Award (usia max 40 tahun), WatSave  Farmer Award.
The award consists of an honorarium and a Citation. In the event, the award is given to a team, the award shall be received by the nominated leader of the team. The Citation Plaque will bear the name of ICID as the promoter and of the donor as sponsor. Hasil dipresentasikan di 1st World Irigation Forum dan 64th meeting of the IEC di Turkey



ICID is inviting nominations for the WatSave Awards 2013 from across the world to recognize outstanding contributions to water saving/conservation in agriculture. The Awards are given in the following four categories–

  1. WatSave  Technology Award
  2. WatSave  Innovative Water Management Award
  3. WatSave  Young Professionals Award
  4. WatSave  Farmer Award

The WatSave Awards will be presented during the 1st World Irrigation Forum and 64th meeting of the IEC scheduled to be held from 29 September to 05 October 2013 at Mardin, Turkey.


Nominations are invited for the ‘WatSave Awards 2013’ from individuals/ team of individuals through ICID National Committees/ Committee. The entries are open to all professionals/ teams from ICID member countries as well as non-member countries. In case of an entry from a ‘non-member’ country, the nomination has to be  routed through and validated by an active National Committee of ICID, who should be in touch with the nominee and is aware of nominee’s work’.


All the National Committees/ Committee are requested to send their nominations by inviting contributions on outstanding achievements from all those professionals/ farmers who are engaged in water saving/ conservation activities. The deadline for receipt of the entries from the National Committees along with a completed Nomination Form (Annex 1) to the Central Office ICID, New Delhi is 31 May 2013.


The ‘Conditions and Criteria’ set for the awards are given in Annex 2Annex 3 shows the checklist of enclosures to be forwarded by the National Committee while submitting the nomination(s).


The national committees/ committee are requested to carry out primary evaluation of the nomination(s) in

light of the questions posed in the evaluation process, and submit only one of them in any particular category (if there were more responses) to the Central Office, New Delhi.  Nominations not complying with the above requirements or more than one nomination from the same National Committee in a particular category are liable to be rejected.


Full details of the awards and excerpts of the past award winning contributions are available on ICID website.

Contact: Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director, ICID, New Delhi (e-mail:


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