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 Berusia 18-30 tahun. Tidak harus pelajar. Mendaftar di website Challenge Future, disini.
 Bantuan travel expenses untuk menghadiri C:F Summit sebesar 700 Euro untuk juara pertama, dan 300 Euro untuk tiga pemenang lainnya.




We spend days and nights thinking about our life and future. Finding opportunities and taking chances is our biggest priority and at the same time, our biggest fear. But at the end of the day, what takes real guts is to hold onto and create the future you believe in.

Today, more than ever, it is important to mobilize youth in obtaining new knowledge, skills and experiences. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to encourage the spirit of initiative, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We all have problems, but people with entrepreneurship attitude find the solution and actually do something about it. Today, more than ever, it is inevitable to stimulate non-formal education and offer learning experiences for personal and professional development of youth. Can you find reasons not to join this global trend? Neither could we.

Challenge:Future in partnership with Triglav Insurance Group invites you to step out of your comfort zone and move to where the magic happens, where you become the creator of your own destiny and future. Think, develop and organize the best possible empowerment event for you and the youth around you! Don’t just grab the opportunities – create them. Whether it will be related to skills, internships, or jobs – whether it will be an info desk, career fair, game, webinar, innovation jam or a simple workshop – it’s up to you! But before you throw yourself into brainstorming and event planning, read more about your task:

This competition challenges you to:

a) Develop an event that will help youth to discover, activate and develop their potentials

b) Organize it in the most empowering way

c) Identify the most crucial youth skills and competencies needed in your local area/country and report on the impact and benefit created!

Important Note: all events organized by the Chapters, Local Representatives, Action Team members or other C:F members between December 2012 and today are also eligible to apply!

Your Task

Prepare a max 10-slide presentation:

a) Cover slide: name of the event:,  goal of the event:,  location & date of the event:,  your name, country, school (if):,  Number of attendees at the event:,  Number of people engaged in organization:

b) Slide 2-3: Develop an event that would help youth to discover, activate and develop their potentials

  1. I.   Which type of event have you selected and why is it the most suitable?
  2. II.   How will you help youth to discover, activate and develop their potentials?
  3. III.   What is the added value for event participants?

c) Slide 4-6: Organize it in the most empowering way

  1. I. Present the event, agenda, participants. Use photos, videos and any other creative way to report what actually happened
  2. II. How did the event empower youth?
  3. III. What was the highlight of the event?

d) Slide 7-10: Identify what are the most needed youth skills and competencies in your local area/country and report on the impact and benefit created!

  1.  I. What are the most common skills and competencies that the youth around you lacks?
  2.  II. How could that be solved and how did your event contribute to that?
  3.  III. Provide any kind of evidence of meaningful change in the lives of the participants: Include 3-5 testimonials



  • Challenge Duration       02 April 2013                 07 June 2013
  • Submission                  02 April 2013, 2pmCET   29 May 2013, 2pmCET
  • Community voting        15 May 2013, 2pmCET  29 May 2013, 2pmCET
  • Expert judging              29 May 2013               05 June 2013
  • Winners announced      07 June 2013, 2pmCET     


Evaluation Criteria

Judging and Evaluation Criteria

1. C:F community will vote for your submission with “thumbs up” from 1 May-13May 2013 –  and will be able to post comments.

2. Judges and community will select 10 Finalists, top 3 by community votes and 7 chosen by the Judges.

3. The Judging Panel will select 1st-4th place among the 10 Finalists. The Judges will be particularly looking for the following:

  • Relevance of event in relation to the youth: How did the event programme meet the identified needs and expectations of youth?
  • Innovativeness of event: Which new methodologies or skills does the event promote?
  • Outcome made: What were the benefits and value for participants?
  • Potential Impact: How this event changed and impacted the lives of the participants?How many people can be reached? How global and viral can this event go?



  • – The winner will get C:F Summit scholarship with travel covered up to 700 EUR.
  • – Three additional awards for CF Summit scholarship with travel covered up to 300 EUR.



C:F members 18-30 years old. Student status is not required.  


Re-Submission  Re-submission of corrected solution, taking into account community comments and suggestions, is possible until voting starts. Contact us at the Helpdesk!


Challenge Resources

1.”Creating Future with Creating Opportunities” – Youth in Action events in India:

2. International Conference on Social Innovation:

3. Fighting Youth Unemployment in Izmir:

4. 10 Skills of Future Workforce:



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