Batas waktu: 12 Juni 2013
 NGOs from Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, The Pacific region.
Awards:  7 grants masing-masing $140.000.


The GSMA mWomen Programme is pleased to announce the launch of the first round of Innovation Fund grants for NGOs. Please note that the term “NGOs” includes for-profit social enterprises which have a strong focus on delivering social impact. This round comprises three grants, valued up to US$ 140,000 for projects up to ten months long. The grants are intended to provide seed funding for NGOs to design and launch an economically sustainable product/service, distribution model or marketing campaign (an ‘offering’) that increases women’s access to and use of mobile phones and value-added services (‘VAS’).

There are two main ways of doing this:
1. Develop content or a service that is life-enhancing for resource-poor women, which can be widely disseminated via mobile. This could take place in the domain of health, agriculture, access to finance, entrepreneurship, education, etc. OR:
2. Support a mobile network operator (“MNO”) in the design and launch of an offering that will increase resource-poor women’s access to and use of mobile. The NGO’s contribution could be done through generating consumer insights, using grassroots networks to access the target communities, running educational campaigns, etc.


To be eligible, NGO applicants must:
– Be a social enterprise or an NGO which is legally registered to operate in country of the proposed project, compliant with the relevant registration rules
– Have been in operation for a minimum of 2 years
– Operate at large scale, i.e. regional, national or global.
– Be in satisfactory financial health, i.e. able to produce two years of unqualified, audited financial statements.
In addition, the NGO’s proposed mobile operator partner must:
– Be registered and operating in the country of project implementation (either domestic or foreign owned or a joint venture) in compliance with relevant business licensing, taxation, employee and other relevant regulations
– Be in satisfactory financial health, i.e. able to produce two years of unqualified5, audited financial statements.


There are two streams of grants, both aiming to provide seed funding for the design and launch of an offering to increase women’s access to and use of mobiles. The first stream is comprised of seven matching grants for mobile operators, each with a value up to US$ 70,000, for use during a three to nine month-long project delivered with or without partners. The second stream is comprised of seven non-matching grants up to US$ 140,000 for NGOs working in conjunction with industry in projects up to ten months long.

The application process

The Fund employs a two-stage application process:
1. Concept Note Stage
The first stage includes preparation of a three-page concept note describing an applicant’s current mission and programmes and/or interventions, the specific project objectives, definition of success, high-level approach, anticipated deliverables and outcomes, internal participants and external partners. An independent Fund Manager then reviews concept notes to consider their alignment with Fund objectives and fulfilment of project and organisation eligibility requirements. A small number of applicants are then invited to the Selection Panel stage to prepare full applications, containing comprehensive details about the project.

2. Application Stage
An independent Selection Panel evaluates these applications and awards grants to those best positioned to deliver on the Fund objectives. Historically, applicants who worked closely with the GSMA mWomen team to develop their applications have been considered more competitive by the Selection Panel than those who did not.

3 Please read the term sheet for full details of the Innovation Fund objectives and the organisation and project eligibility requirements, as well as management, data and knowledge sharing, and performance monitoring requirements.
The GSMA mWomen team is available to provide advice and support to all applicants during the concept note stage, as well as to provide more in-depth support to those organisations invited to submit applications. The team also will provide ongoing support and oversight during grant implementation. GSMA mWomen will host a webinar to provide additional detail about the Innovation Fund and to answer questions about how to design a project and prepare concept notes and applications.

Next steps and key dates
Key dates for this round are as follows:
Concept notes due: Wednesday, 12th June 2013
Invitations to submit applications distributed: Friday, 21st June, 2013
Applications due: Friday, 16th August, 2013
Grant awards announced to applicants mid-September 2013
Grant agreements signed: early October 2013

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