Batas waktu: 1 Juli 2013
 Pelajar/Mahasiswa, manager, artis, entrepreneurs yang berumur maksimal 35 tahun.
Awards: Travel expenses to Vienna dan akomodasi tiga malam. 1.000 euro/4.000 euro.



Introduced in 2010, the Drucker Challenge was conceived as an essay contest to raise awareness of the works and ideas of Peter Drucker among young people – the new generation poised to build on a management philosophy that puts the human being at its center. In 2013 the Drucker Challenge is expanding with a new option: The Drucker Challenge Video Contest. Our hope is that submissions in this lively format will bring a fresh infusion of energy and inspiration, and new clarity to what can be complex and abstract concepts. Participants in the Challenge can now choose to submit either an essay or a video – or both, to maximize their chances of winning.



Students, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives who are under 35 years of age can dive in this competition.


Prizes are awarded to the best 40 entries, including a cash prize of EUR 1,000 to the first-prize winners in the essay respectively video contest. The overall winner in the essay and video contest is awarded a cash price of EUR 4,000.

Both contests are designed to complement and enrich the interdisciplinary exchange of views and ideas at the annual Global Peter Drucker Forum. This year’s event in Vienna (14-15 Nov 2013) focuses on the theme of Managing Complexity.



If you want to take part in essay contest, fill out this online submission form. For video contest, you can sign up here. The deadline for submissions is 1st of July 2013!



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