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World Tourism Day (WTD) is a thematic event held every year on September 27, underscoring the socio-economic impact of tourism. This year’s WTD is held under the theme “Tourism and Water – Protecting Our Common Future”, in support of the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. The Republic of Maldives, one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries and a major tourism destination, will host the 2013 official WTD celebrations.

Contents and issues to be addressed:

The essay targets a wide audience and is expected to be easy and engaging to read. At the same time, its findings have to be based on verifiable quality research, data, solid arguments and factual content, in order to meet general quality standards and UNWTO criteria.
Contributors are encouraged to provide aspects and perspectives which enrich the following set of suggested topics:
1. Main challenges of water usage in the tourism sector
2. Water (mainly wetlands, including coastal areas) as a destination’s natural asset in its
various dimensions
3. Linkages between tourism, water and the green Economy

Entry requirements:

1. Formal aspects:
(a) Entries must be written in Standard English and be the original, unpublished work of the author and not infringe any copyright.
(b) The minimum length is 10 and the maximum is 20 pages (A4 paper size, 1.5 line spacing, Arial Narrow 11pt, justified), excluding references, photos and bibliography.
(c) Each essay must include a title page, not considered text, with the following information: essay title, author’s name, Organization/institution (if applicable), full contact details, total number of pages.
(d) The essay is to be delivered in Microsoft Word format.
(e) Only one (1) essay may be submitted by each contestant.

2. Images: Any copyrighted material used in the essay must be properly identified.

3. References: Referencing should be used as needed, allowing for consistent factchecking, without compromising the readability of the essay.

4. Submission:

(a) Deadline closes on 30 June 2013. Entries submitted after this day will not be eligible.
(b) The essay should be submitted online directly to:

5. Copyright: Copyright in all contributions remains with the authors and UNWTO will acquire an irrevocable right to use and publish such materials. .By submitting a contribution, the author consents to its use and publication by UNWTO. The competitor shall hold UNWTO harmless from any action, claim, loss, damage, liability and/or expense arising from or connected to the infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright or any other claim with respects of the material submitted.

6. Papers incompatible with the above requirements will not be considered. Participation implies acceptance to be bound by the above terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in the disqualification of the competitor.

A UNWTO Jury will judge the essays at its sole discretion using six criteria: content, comprehension, organization, creativity, writing, and adherence to contest requirements.

The winner of the essay competition will be announced as part of the official WTD celebrations with ample media coverage through a special press release to be disseminated through the UNWTO website and networks. UNWTO may make a selection of the best essays at its sole discretion and issue a special publication at a later stage. Contributing authors will be duly acknowledged.

UNWTO SeniorMedia Officer: Marcelo Risi
Tel: (+34) 91 567 81 60
UNWTO Sustainable Development of Tourism Programme
UNWTO Communications & Publications Programme
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Fax: +34 91-567-8218

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