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 Not restricted, pengalaman dalam penanggulanan AIDS lebih direkomendasi.
 Full scholarship: registration fee, roundtrip ticket, accomodation, modest per diem. partial scholarship: choose some of the full scholarship clauses.


Theme: Asia/Pacific Reaching Triple Zero: Investing in Innovation
“Asia/Pacific Reaching Triple Zero: Investing in Innovation”, the ICAAP 11 theme, elicits not only the regional commitment to join global effort in the fight against HIV/AIDS through an inspirational goal: zero new HIV infection, zero discrimination, and zero AIDS-related deaths; but also a willingness as a community to expand the region’s knowledge, best practices, lessonslearned on HIV/AIDS to accelerate progress towards achieving global goals and targets.
“Asia/Pacific Reaching Triple Zero: Investing in Innovation”, highlights the regional response to HIV/AIDS pandemic which is at a critical crossroads as the regional socio-economic landscape of the region has changed in which HIV/AIDS resources are declining and political commitment are needed to be strengthened for fulfilling the persistent gaps. “Asia/Pacific Reaching Triple Zero: Investing in Innovation” will also place an emphasis on highlighting initiatives that effectively address the challenges faced by key affected populations in specific environments and settings. These outcomes will be used to develop evidence-based policies and strategies
to guide the socio-political response to AIDS along with enhancing political commitment and increasing the capacity of local governments and civil society in tackling the epidemic. These policies and strategies will also serve to guide the investment required to deliver an innovative response to HIV/AIDS.


The principal purpose of the scholarship is to support delegates who, without the scholarship, would not be able to participate in ICAAP11. Scholarship applicants need to demonstrate commendable ability to acquire knowledge and skills, through Congress participation, that can be transferred to his/her organisation or community.
The scholarship is categorized into Community Scholarship, Scientific Scholarship, Youth Scholarship and Media Scholarship. The scholarship, either in full or partial form, will be provided to community members from various key affected populations, oral and poster presenters, youth participants, and media personnel. Application is open only to individuals working or volunteering in the HIV/AIDS field in Asia and the Pacific.


1. Full Scholarship

It includes:

  • Registration fee
  • Roundtrip air ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Modest per diem

2. Partial Scholarship
It includes any combination of the above


The applicant needs to create a Congress profile first before applying for a scholarship. If the applicant is not able to access the website, the offline application form for scholarship can be used. The form should be completed and submitted to the Secretariat through email or courier using the address below:


Scholarship Programme 
ICAAP11 Secretariat Office
Population and Community Development Association (PDA)
6, Sukhumvit 12, Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110, Thailand


Date Process
19 March 2013 Application for scholarship opens
15 June 2013 Deadline of application
August 2013 Notification of result

Incomplete scholarship application will not be considered. The application must be completed through email, post or website by 15 June 2013. Faxed applications will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of their application status via email by August 2013.


There are two ways to apply for scholarship:

1. Settling registration fees in advance
Applicants can apply for scholarship after settling the registration fee in advance first, and then get reimbursement of the registration fee when the applicant is selected for scholarship.

2. Apply for scholarship without settling registration fees in advance
Applicants can apply for scholarship without settling the registration fee in advance. For this option, the applicant needs to select “Bank Transfer” as payment method in the online application form and click “Submit” to register for the Congress. If the scholarship is not granted, the applicant may settle the registration fee later.

Your registration will be confirmed once you are awarded with the full/partial scholarship. In this case, an email will be sent to confirm your registration fee or the award of scholarship.


1.Applicants will need to select the category of scholarship, they wish to be considered for, from the following:

  • Community Scholarship
    This category includes people working in community-based organisations, members of key affected populations and community groups (men who have sex with men, gays, lesbians, transgenders, ethnic minorities, sex workers, people who use drugs, migrants and people living with HIV)
  • Scientific Scholarship
    This category includes healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, and postgraduate students belonging to both clinical and social science fields. Preference will be given to young and forthcoming scientists, researchers, and students who have limited means to support their participation.
  • Youth Scholarship
    This category is open for those delegates aged 25 years or under as of 18 November 2013 (birthdate falls on or after 18 November 1988). It includes those currently enrolled full-time in an educational institution, working with a community-based organisation, volunteers, and other young people who are involved in the HIV/AIDS work.
  • Media Scholarship
    This category is for members of media organisations seeking support to attend the Congress. Registration for journalists at ICAAP11 is free. Those seeking scholarship should first submit their credentials.

2. Applicants are required to answer the closed ended questions and make a short essay. Most questions in the application form are related to personal details and work experience. The essay asks for further details regarding the applicant’s organisation and involvement in the HIV/AIDS field, and how the applicant will share the benefits gained from participating in ICAAP11 with his/her own community.

3.The applicant will need to submit a recommendation letter from his/her employer or support group, including the contact name, email and telephone number. The recommendation letter should be sealed, signed and posted to the Secretariat.

4.Scholarship applications are not considered complete without the letter of recommendation.

5.For youth scholarship, kindly submit a copy of your passport.

6.Media scholarship applicants must submit a sample of their work and a letter from the supervisor certifying the work.


Scholarships are given to individuals who, without the support of scholarship, would not be able to attend the Congress. Since the request will be much higher than the number of scholarships ICAAP11 can provide, the below criteria has been set and priority will be given to applicants:

1.Who have submitted an abstract to the Congress

2.Who are currently active in their communities and have the ability to take the benefit of attending ICAAP11 back to their communities

3.Who are in professions that are traditionally not highly paid

4.Who are attending ICAAP for the first time

For more information about scholarship, please contact

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