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 S1. warga salah satu negara ASEAN.
 Air ticket roundtrip. 300 USD per month for one academic year.


ASEAN Leaders Fostering Program, previously named as ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Programme, is an ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Project between the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and Daejeon University (DJU). The project is jointly funded by the ASEAN-ROK Future Oriented Cooperation Programs Funds and Daejeon University. The Programme offers exchange scholarships for 20 undergraduate students from ASEAN student to study at Daejeon University, the Republic of Korea (ROK). The scholarship includes tuition fees, room and board, round-trip ticket, basic medical insurance and living allowance (USD 300 per month) for one academic year.


o Applicant must be a citizen of ASEAN nations and currently enrolled in one of Universities in ASEAN Countries.
o Undergraduate Students in the field of ICT, Social Sciences and Humanities.
o Applicant must have the excellent academic record.(Should be in the top 10 % of their classes)
o Applicant must have a good command of written and spoken English. o Applicant must have a good medical record.


1. Application:
o Students from AUN Member Universities may contact the international office (or other authorized bodies) of their Universities or visit AUN’s web-sites ( for the application package.
o Student from Non-AUN Member Universities may contact the Ministry of Education in his/her countries or visit AUN’s web-sites for the application package.
2. For AUN Member Universities, after completing the application requirements, applicant shall request his/her university international office or other authorized bodies to submit the original application package (including an application form, medical questionnaire, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose to return etc.) to AUN Secretariat and send a copy of all required documents to the Daejeon University to the contact information on page 7.
3. For Non-AUN Member Universities, applicant may submit his/her application both directly to the AUN Secretariat and Daejon University by post without going through his/her IRO.


Deadline for Application: 5 July 2013 (The Universities might have different deadline for their students.) Scholarship Announcement: Late of July, 2013

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