Batas waktu: 30 Juni 2013
 Berusia 15-25 tahun.
 Mengikuti leadership program secara online.


Are you a young person, youth leader, or youth activist? Sharpen your leadership edge by participating in the 2013 Discovering Young Leaders Program DYLP. The DYLP is organised by the Youth Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat as way of bridging the gap between young people and government machineries in their countries and also to reorienrt them on the fundamentals of youth development and self-discovery.

this is an online program for 500 participants from 54 countries who will be learning intensively for 7 weeks under one thele – Youth Leadership! Topics to be covered include;

– Unlocking your Leadership Potential

– Introduction to Youth Development

– Makng Impact in the International Scene

– Beyond Tokenism

– Young People and National Youth Policies.


– The DYLP is open to all young people, youth leaders and activists from the age of 15-25 years.

– DYLP targets leaders of youth organizations, aspiring youth leaders, and heads of National Youth Councils.

– Participants are required to have outstanding skills in communication and basic IT skills.

– Internet access is also a prerequisite since the programme is being offered online.

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