Batas waktu: 15 Juli 2013
 Usia diatas 18 tahun.
 Di undang pada Welcoming Event of First Boeing 777F di Frankfurt.


In October 2013 Lufthansa Cargo will welcome a new Boeing 777 F  in Frankfurt.  The company has launched a contest for the name of the new aircraft. People from all around the world, above 18 years old are welcome to share their creative ideas.

The top-class jury will choose a name from the entries at the end of the brainstorming phase. The winner will be there when the first Boeing 777F lands in Frankfurt and will of course be able to experience the recently christened plane first hand.

Join in and be creative! Maybe names which you thought up will soon be brandishing our fleet all over the world. Name the plane!


  • The competition targets everyone being interested in handing in creative ideas for a naming of  the fleet.
  • The minimum age for the participation is 18 years of age at the time of submission. Prospective entrants must first register and accept the competition conditions before submitting any of their ideas. Groups are not allowed to participate in the competition. Employees of Lufthansa Cargo and associated companies of Lufthansa Group are allowed to participate in the competition.


Lufthansa Cargo invites the contest winner to Frankfurt to attend the welcoming event of the first Boeing 777F in October. Included is a Lufthansa economy flight from the country of residence and a hotel stay for two nights in Frankfurt.

The deadline is 15 July, 2013. 

The winners will be announced in August, 2013.

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