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Warga Negara Indonesia – tidak harus di Indonesia.
Awards: 1st winner : tiket ke amsterdam PP + akomodasi + 1500 EURO. 2nd winner 1000 EURO, 3rd winner: 500 EURO. Publikasi.


This essay competition is brought to you by collaboration between ICID (International Conference on Indonesian Development) 2013 with BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) London. With theme “For a Better Indonesia”, this essay competition is expected to be our contribution by giving a recommendation for a better Indonesia

All Indonesian students around the world (high school, bachelor, master, or higher degree) can participate to give a new concept and fresh idea for a better Indonesia. Your essay is intended to become a great innovation and recommendation for Indonesian leader in managing Indonesia

Passion from youth for a better Indonesia is the understanding that we want to raise in this competition. We believed that all Indonesian students can give a bright contribution from their inspirational and original essay. 20 finalists will have a special occasion to present their essay in ICID 2013 on 12-14 September 2013, The Hague. They will fight to win the best essay that will receive award and refund for their accommodation and transportation.

Are you a writer with fabulous thoughts for a better Indonesia? Do you want your thoughts to be heard and applied in Indonesia? If so, the ICID 2013-BNI LONDON Essay Competition is definitely for you! We invite all Indonesian young leaders to write and send your ideas. Together we can make a better Indonesia.


This competition is open for all Indonesian students around the world (can be proved with the passport and student card)
• Participants send their essay alongside with the scanned image of student card
• Participants must follow the procedures that has been given
• The selected 20 Participants have to commit to be able to present their essay in International Conference on Indonesia Development (ICID) 2013 (should fill commitment form later)
• Participant that is not attend in presentation session in International Conference on Indonesia Development (ICID) 2013, won’t be processed to be nominated for 3 main finalists


• Win a Certificate from BNI London
• Present your essay in front of our experts
• Be invited to meet famous figure and people in ICID 2013
• Cash for 1st place is 1500 Euro, 2nd place is 1000 Euro and 3rd place is 500 Euro
• 3 Best Essays will be compiled in a book ‘for better Indonesia’ from BNI and will be given to Indonesian Government.

1st winner will receive extra prizes
• Refund for a ticket return (From your hometown to Amsterdam, Economy class)
• Refund for an accommodation while in The Netherlands


Main Theme “For a Better Indonesia”

We are not limiting the topic, as long as your ideas and thoughts are meaningful for Indonesia, you can submit it! Challenges for Indonesia that are multi-dimensional are needed to be cleared and solved comprehensively, but we encourage you to be able to give a terrific solution and recommendation for a better Indonesia to answer the challenges. (e.g. Government capability in E-government, limitation of finding the alternative energy source, food crisis, etc.)


Essay must be written in English and be an outstanding work.
• Essay has to be original work and has not been published in any media (personal or public).
• The Minimal word-counts are 1000 words and Maximal words are 2000 words.
• Format writing (font, space, and margin) are free and neat with .doc format.
• Essay must tend to construct and positive
• Essay will be disqualified if they fail to meet these guidelines

3 Best Essays will be incorporated in book “for a better Indonesia” from BNI and be given to the government. Right for the essay will be owned by BNI by including the author’s name.


Deadline for the essay is Friday, 5th July 2013 on 23:59 CET (GMT +1) by sending email with subject [Essay] Author’s name <space> Campus <space> Essay Title. Please attach (1) Essay; (2) Scanned image of Student Card

Participants will receive a confirmation within 3 workdays after submission and announcement of 20 finalists will be announced on Sunday, 5th august 2013.

Please do not hesitate to reach us at:
Twitter: @ICID_2013

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