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 Warga Negara Indonesia – tidak harus di Indonesia.
 1st winner : tiket ke amsterdam PP + akomodasi + 1500 EURO. 2nd winner 1000 EURO, 3rd winner: 500 EURO. Publikasi.


This jingle competition is brought to you by collaboration between ICID (International Conference on Indonesian Development) 2013 with BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) London. All Indonesian students from all over the world (high school, bachelor, master, or higher degree) can participate in this competition, either individually or in a team.

The aim of this competition is to promote the existence of BNI London and/or banking products offered by BNI London. As one of the largest banks in Indonesia, BNI plays an important role in both national and global economics. Specifically for BNI London, as the representation of Indonesia in the United Kingdom, BNI London is striving to make itself known better in the global banking industry. By participating in this jingle competition, you are directly or indirectly contributing to the publicity of BNI London.

The 1st prize winner will have a special occasion to attend ICID 2013 on 12-14 September 2013, The Hague. You will have the chance to meet famous public figure in addition to the cash prize, refund for your flight ticket and accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands.

Do you love to take challenges, explore new ideas and unleash your creative energy? If so, the ICID 2013-BNI LONDON Jingle competition is definitely for you! We invite all Indonesian students to bring inspiration through jingle media. Together, we can spread the words and promote the existence of our national bank to the entire world.


This competition is open for all Indonesian students around the world (can be proved with the passport and student card)
• All the submitted jingles will become the proprietary of BNI London
• There is no fee to enter this competition
• There is NO LIMIT to the number of jingles that any individual or team can submit, but only jingles that comply with ALL the rules will be further reviewed
• 10 best jingles will be selected by the judges to be further contested in online voting competition through ICID Facebook fan page or music sharing website ( Jingle with the highest number of likes will be selected as the viewer’s choice winner.
• The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into
• The committee of this competition is not responsible if there is a lawsuit from a third party come out regarding the use of their work in the work of the participants without including credit
• If it is found out that the work of the participant contains aspects of plagiarism or participants does not comply with all the rules, the participant will be disqualified
• The detail of voting mechanism will be published after the 10 best jingles have been announced.


The 1st prize winner will receive:
• 1500 Euro prize
• Chance to attend ICID 2013 in Den Haag
• Be invited to meet famous figure and people in ICID 2013
• a ticket return (From your hometown to Amsterdam, Economy class)
• an accommodation while in The Netherlands
• A certificate from BNI London

The 2nd prize winner will obtain 1000 Euro

The 3rd prize winner 500 Euro.

Viewer’s choice winner from online voting will receive a consolation prize.

It should be noted that the visa fee will not be refunded.


Through the jingle, participants should promote the existence of BNI London and/or the banking products offered by BNI London.

There is no restriction of how the jingle should be so it is up to you to creatively interpret the theme and translate it into a unique jingle as long as all aspects are in line with the theme and general politeness.

Use your imagination! Out of the box thinking is encouraged to avoid a conservative and old-fashioned way of promoting company products through jingle. Be original and explore new ideas that have not been addressed before. You should bear in mind that the judges would like to see new and fresh concept of the jingle.

More information about BNI London and its products can be obtained at


• Use proper and correct English for the lyrics. Please also submit the script and chord along with the jingle.
• Jingle should be original and never be published anywhere, submitted to any previous competitions or won previous award.
• The jingle can be in the form of, but not limited to, full band recording, percussion or acapella. The use of audio mixing software is allowed.
• The jingle composition should consist of at least two verses and one chorus. Interlude or instrumental melody between those two parts of the song can be added
• The duration of the jingle should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.
• Jingle format should be either *mp3 or *wav
• All music from other sources should be acknowledged or credited in the closing credits. All music MUST be copyright free, original, or permission from the owner is required
• If the participant obtains permission from the copyright owner to use copyrighted music, evidence of such permission MUST be sent along with the jingle
• If the submitted jingle does not meet all the requirements, the jingle will not be further reviewed


The submission deadline is Thursday, 1st August 2013, 23:59 CET (GMT+1). The jingle can be submitted using CD/DVD/USB flashdrive but we highly recommend you to use for convenience reason. If you use, put for friend’s email and then your email address.

Do not forget to put the subject [Jingle] Participant’s name<space>Campus<space >Jingle Title. Along with the jingle please also attach a word document containing the description of the jingle, a word document containing the transcript and scanned image of your Student card(s). For a team participant, all involved students should send their student cards.

Participants will receive a confirmation that the jingle has been received within 3 workdays after submission and the winners will be announced on Thursday, 15th August 2013.

Please do not hesitate to reach us at:
Twitter: @ICID_2013

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