Batas waktu: 31 Agustus 2013
 Usia 13 tahun ke atas.
 50.000$ untuk 10 finalis. 250.000$ untuk s1 winner.


Nominations are open for the CNN Heroes 2013. If you know of someone who is working to change the world can be nominated to become a CNN hero. Think about what makes your hero special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has his or her work had on others? We encourage you to watch videos of previous CNN Heroes to familiarize yourself with the achievements of the inspiring individuals we honor as “everyday people changing the world.”


In order to be eligible for the CNN Heroes Awards Program (the “Awards Program”), nominees must be at least thirteen (13) years of age or older as of September 1, 2012 and some portion of nominee’s activities must have taken place on September 1, 2012 or be ongoing, and nominees can not have previously been selected as a CNN Hero Finalist or Winner (“Nominees”). Nominees may be nominated as set forth herein or chosen to be profiled as CNN Heroes by CNN. Nominations submitted in prior years of the Awards Program which meet all requirements of these legal disclosures will also be considered a Nominee. People submitting nominations (“Nominator(s)”) must be at least thirteen (13) years of age as of September 1, 2012. The Awards Program is open to Nominees worldwide who are citizens of countries other than Voided Countries (defined below). Citizens of Voided Countries are ineligible to enter or win. In addition to those countries set forth on the list below, the Awards Program is also void in those countries where the Awards Program, its mechanisms, its Terms and Conditions and/or its awards or any part(s) of them are prohibited by any applicable law, regulation, guideline or ordinance (“Voided Country”). CNN may determine in its sole discretion at any time during the Awards Program that a country is a Voided Country.
At any time, at CNN’s discretion, a Nominee may be deemed ineligible for nomination or participation in the Program, be deemed ineligible to receive a monetary prize under the Program or have the monetary prize otherwise due such person as part of the Program (if any) donated to a charitable organization selected by CNN in its sole discretion. Employees and immediate family members of Time Warner, Inc. and its subsidiaries and sponsors of the Awards Program as well as advertising and promotional agencies directly involved in the Awards Program (the “Awards Program Entities”) are not eligible to be CNN Heroes. Cable News Network, Inc. (“CNN”) and the sponsors of the Awards Program shall herein be collectively referred to as the “Sponsors”.


  • 10 Finalists: Each Finalist will receive Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00)
  • 1 Winner: The Winner will receive Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00)

To submit your nomination for the Awards Program log on the CNN website and fill out the submission form providing all required contact information for you and your Nominee. Nomination MUST be submitted online. Mail-in nominations will not be accepted. Nominations must be submitted on behalf of another person. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations must be received no later than 12:01:00 AM Pacific Standard Time August 31, 2013.
Nominations must be submitted in either English or Spanish only. Nominations may only be submitted in the name of a single person; group nominations are not acceptable. False or deceptive nominations or acts may render a nominee ineligible. All nominations become the property of CNN and will not be returned. CNN reserves the right to edit the nomination as it sees fit for use in publication or promotion. By submitting a nomination you agree to grant Sponsors the right without obligation, unless prohibited by law, to use the contents of your nomination, your name, voice, picture and likeness, without compensation, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing all matters related to the Awards Program and/or the Sponsors in any medium, throughout the world in perpetuity.

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