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Last year, we won the International Telecom Union’s Young Innovator Fellowship in the concept category. This year, we are running this challenge to build the concept into reality through open source.  €1000 will be awarded to the entry that best fulfills the challenge requirements.  Additional sub-challenges carry additional prizes!

The end product of this challenge will be an open source body of code; the software base for the CrisisCommunicator.  Through this challenge, we also want to jump-start an online community of developers interested in seeing this go forward.

The challenge involves coding a browser-based UI, and a database back-end, with GIS features.  We prefer Python, for many reasons, but if you want to use another widely used language, we are open to it!  See our FAQ section for more details.

Who can Join?  Do I need a Radio License?

This challenge is open to everyone from grizzled programmers to pythonistas to college students!  You do not need a radio license to develop the software. HAM radio operators are invited to help with testing and feature planning. Web programmers, python hackers, and others are needed to build an intuitive, fast-to use, extensible, and lightweight interface.

Who Makes Wise Earth Technology?

We are a bunch of college graduates, currently based in the USA, the EU, and India, with a drive to use our skills in service to people and the planet.  In our spare time, weekends and late nights, we’ve been building this project, and now it’s time to get more people involved, which is why we’ve decided to launch this competition.  More about us in the about section.

What is the CrisisCommunicator, and How Does it Work?

Click here.

Will it Always be Open Source?

YES!  Wise Earth Technology is based on and committed to Open Source. By building the CrisisCommunicator in the Open Source domain, any individual is able to build their own device with a computer and a radio. This ensures that the CrisisCommunicator functionality is available to all, immediately upon development!  Code will be licensed under the Peaceful Open Source License.

Going forward, Wise Earth Technology plans to develop and market a hardware device to implement the software solution in a disaster-centric package.

How do I join the Challenge?

It’s easy! Download the Getting Started Package (ZIP) and start coding! If you use Git, then clone our account to get the starter package.  (NOTE: these resources will be available on April 20th, when the challenge launches.)

You can browse and join our forums when you need help, or to help other challengers.

What about the fine print?

Of course!  The first thing you need to know is that the Challenge is open until July 20th, 2013, and can be extend to help people finish their entries.

The full rules can be read here: Rules of the CrisisCommunicator Programming Challenge.


The rules for this challenge are as follows:

  1. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or affiliation, is welcome to participate.  Either you, or someone you trust, should have a way to receive money (Western Union, PayPal, International Bank Transfer, we will work with you to find the best way).
  2. The cash prize of €1000 will be awarded to the entry that satisfies the minimum eligibility, and is adjudged best fulfills the challenge requirements.
  3. Additional cash prizes totalling up to €500 will be awarded by the judges for fulfillment of side-challenges, or for exceptional contributions.
  4. Bank transfer charges, PayPal fees, or other charges for transferring the prize are the responsibility of the recipient.  We will try to find the cheapest way to send the money.
  5. The decision of the judges is final and binding.
  6. By submitting your code for evaluation, you agree to assign the copyright of the code to Wise Earth Technology or it’s representatives.  (Note: you will always be identified as the author of your code.)
  7. All code must use the Peaceful Open Source License.
  8. The challenge will be open until July 20th, 2013.  Winners will be announced two months after the challenge is completed.
  9. These rules may be modified, as the need arises.

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