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 Applicants must be registered as a charity.
 grant 75.000$.




A $75,000 prize, which is open to applications from organisations with projects, programmes or activities that help refugees and displaced people in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. 

Applicants must be registered as a charity. Applicants can apply on their own organization’s behalf or nominate a non-profit partner or affiliated organization.

  • Applicants must be financially sound with high standards of governance.
  • Applicants must include a copy of their organization’s most recent accounts with their application and also, if nominating a partner or affiliate, a copy of that organization’s most recent accounts.
  • All applications should be made via the online Entry Form.
  • For registered charities without access to the Internet, postal entries will be considered. If required, download the .pdf version of the Entry Form. Print and fill out the form in block letters and mail it, along with the requested documentation by the closing date, to:
    2014 Prizes
    Ockenden International
    PO Box 1275
    Woking GU22 2FT
    United Kingdom

The project, programme or activity (referred to as the ‘project’) is the focus of the application

  • The project submitted must benefit refugees or displaced people anywhere except the United Kingdom.
  • The project submitted must have been initiated no earlier than May 1, 2010 (i.e. no more than 36 months before the opening date for the current year’s applications).
  • Helping refugees and displaced people must be the prime focus of the project rather than an ancillary benefit and there must be a strong emphasis on promoting self-reliance.
  • The applicant must be able to show that there have been measurable achievements and outcomes leading to real change in the lives of those helped.
  • Where possible evidence of independent external evaluation should be provided. Shortlisted applicants Shortlisted applicants will be required to provide further evidence of their, and any nominee’s, financial and governance status to advance to the final round of judging, during which there will be an examination of both, as well as the project outcomes.

Judging criteria

The judges will, in particular, look for:

  • initiatives that promote self-reliance among refugees and displaced people.
  • approaches that have proved to be highly effective in improving the lives of refugees and displaced people.
  • Work which has been carried out in especially difficult circumstances.
  • Organizations with strong governance and financial management.

Payment of the prize

  • The prize monies will be paid to the applicant to use directly or to transfer to their partner or affiliate if they nominated one.
  • Two runners-up, second and third from the short-listed finalists, will win $10,000 each.
  • The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



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