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EF-Europe and JEF-France have now opened a call for participants for the international seminar “Culture and Democratic citizenship, Culture of Democratic Citizenship”, which will take place in Paris, France at the end of October 2013.  –

Often the Democratic citizenship as a concept is built around common principles or values such as Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law but how are these values interlinked with culture and what is the role of culture in building active democratic citizenship. As the intercultural dialogue process in Europe is ongoing these types of questions appear when defining European Citizenship as well.

About the Seminar
The seminar “Culture and Democratic Citizenship – Culture of Democratic Citizenship” aims to explore the links between Culture and Citizenship offering ideas and approaches to participating youth leaders which they can use on local level when working with youth. The seminars’ learning objectives
 To share experiences on the topic of intercultural dialogue and the concepts of culture
 To introduce the concept of democratic citizenship and explore the links it has with culture
 To identify and discuss on differences and similarities between the values of European citizenship and the cultural values of the participants
 To plan potential follow up strategies using the gained knowledge back on local level.

How will we work?
The methodological approach of the seminar will ensure that the principles of non-formal education are fully respected. This means that the participants will be offered possibilities to be fully engaged in planning and achieving their learning, through various experiential processes (role-plays), small group work, expert input and open debates. Related to the inputs provided by external speakers, JEFEurope and JEF-France will ensure that the speakers who will come to address the participants with their expert input will be very experienced and able to engage youth in active and meaningful

To apply please follow the link HERE.
Practical Information:
Deadline for Applications: 20 August 2013
Participation fee: 120 EUR for JEF members and 150 EUR for non-JEF members. (There are 10 scholarships of 50 EUR provided upon request.)
*For JEF members who wish to participate in the XXII European Congress (1-3 November 2013) the participation fee will be 150EUR for both events.
Travel reimbursement: 70 % of the travel costs (up to max 170 EUR)
**JEF Europe and JEF France will assist in visa procedures if needed.
*** Do not book your ticket and/or pay the participation fee before you receive a confirmation e-mail of your selection

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