Batas waktu: 23 September 2013
 Have business idea that empower cancer patients
Awards: 10.000 Euro



The number of cancer patients worldwide is still growing every day. If recent trends in the development of cancer will continue in the future, the estimated number of new patients worldwide in 2030 will grow to 22 million each year. In the same time a growing number of cancer types can be treated in such a way that it becomes a chronic – instead of a fatal disease. This means that more and more people will survive cancer, instead of dying from it. According to the Dutch Cancer Society KWF, the number of patients that survived the disease has doubled over the last sixty years. We want to come up with the business solution that will improve the quality of their lives and their health and healthcare.


Join us! Inspire everyone with your brilliant ideas by sharing them on our platform. Let’s learn from each other and co-create world changing business ideas to improve the quality of life and healthcare for cancer patients.

Everyone who is interested in contributing to the Open Health Community is welcome. People from all fields: scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors & nurses, students, innovators, endusers and young creative minds.

Do you need inspiration first? Find suggestions for ideas to empower cancer patients in the menu ‘inspiration’.

You don’t have to have the world changing idea right away. Even if you don’t have any specific idea, you can still join the community and co-create others ideas, or contact us for inspiration and brainstorm sessions.


The challenge is an online competition to generate business ideas to solve current health care issues. See the four challenge phases below.

Best Practices (February 1-Remains open)
Do you know business models within health care that can inspire us? Share these in the best practice phase. This phase is not focussing on cancer patient initiatives in particular, like the other phases, but gives us a broad overview of best practices we can learn from.

Business Ideas (April 18 – June 29)
The business Ideas phase is focussing on ideas that empower cancer patients. Share your business Ideas online and co-create with the community. In the first week of July the Expert Jury will give feedback on the ideas.

Idea Enrichment (July 1-August 26)
The best Business Ideas will be further developed and enriched. How can you improve your idea? Which part still needs to be improved? What kind of expertise do you need from the community? During the Enrichment phase we will have two weekly themes to improve the ideas. Within every theme we will invite experts to comment on the ideas. Afterwards the Expert Jury will give feedback within a week.

Business Concepts (August 27-September 23)
The best Enriched Business Ideas will be developed into a Business Concepts. The Expert Jury selects who will continue to the Business Concept phase. In between the 29th of August and the 1st of September 2013 we will organize an offline co-creation session to develop the Enriched Ideas into Business Concepts. Afterwards the idea owners get till the 23th of September to finalize their Business Concepts. In the first week of October the 3 finalists that are invited to pitch their idea during the Final Event will be announced.


Participate in the challenge:
• Join the community by becoming a member
• Upload best-practice business models in health care
• Share your idea and co-create it online
• Give feedback on other peoples ideas
• Spread the word in your social network
• Contact us to become a lead user and actively build the community together

Are you an expert in health care?
• Become our ambassador and mobilise your network to participate in the challenge


• Become part of a large international health care community
• The person/team with the best business idea wins 10.000 euro and the end of the challenge
• The person with the most inspiring best-practice wins an inspirational journey to India with health experts
• Get your best-practice published in a book
• Find out the latest trends & business ideas in health care and get inspired
• Get feedback on your business ideas and make it happen
• Be a pioneer and make an impact


It is our dream to develop new ideas that have great impact by developing world changing ideas into new business models. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare in the Netherlands and around the world. We facilitate and accelerate but we need creative minds, entrepreneurial spirits, and go-getters like you to make this happen. We want this challenge to contribute to a more sustainable and socially integrated society.


The community and the challenge are a way of crowd sourcing, which is connecting with large groups of people who are tapped for their knowledge, time, resources and expertise. Working in an open source manner accelerates the development process and creates more commitment from the communities and partners that are participating in this challenge.


Enviu starts world changing companies and mobilizes communities to generate business solutions. Enviu initiated an open health community to uncover new methods for international cooperation and to identify innovative business opportunities, with the goal to improve the quality of health care. Achmea supports the Open Health Community. Achmea is a leading Dutch health insurance company and is committed to improving health care in the Netherlands.


Participants have to agree with the Open Health Community conditions on this website. Agreeing to these conditions, participants have creative commons rights. The conditions can be found in the footer of the website

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