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1) Program Schedule
1. SUMMER J-ShIP: June 19th, 2013 – August 13th, 2013
 Check-in: June 19th, and Check-out: August 13th
2. AUTUMN J-ShIP: September 30th, 2013 – December 13th, 2013
 Check-in: September 30th, and Check-out: December 13th
3. WINTER J-ShIP: December 16th, 2013 – February 6th, 2014
 Check-in: December 16th, and Check-out: February 6th
* Please notice the followings;
 Participants should arrive/depart from Japan within 7 days of the program starting/end date, unless you arrive or
depart on the scheduled date designated by the program, and if a participant does not follow the abovementioned policy, he/she will miss an opportunity to obtain any financial support indicated in #6).
 The accommodation is ONLY available after the date of check-in, and before the date of check-out. If you
arrive earlier and/or depart later than designated date lodging arrangement will be your responsibility.

2) Visa:
All participants are required to obtain a “short-stay visa” before entering Japan, except for those who are from countries listed as “Countries and Regions that have visa exemption arrangements with Japan.” Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan;
If you need any other documents other than an invitation letter issued by Osaka University for your visa application, please let us know immediately.

3) Insurance:
All participants are required before arriving in Japan to take responsibility for obtaining overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance that is able to cover illness/injury and any other accidental expenses upon your travel and during your stay in Japan.
 We will separately purchase “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)” for you that covers on-campus activities only, which cost is included in the program fee.

4) Program fee includes: (Program fee is indicated in #6)
 Tuition fee at Osaka University: 8 credits for Summer & Autumn, and 4 credits for Winter course.
 Accommodation (no meals included)
 Insurance fee on campus (PAS)
 Library, on-campus Wi-Fi
 Application and enrollment fee
NOTE: Any commutation expenses between the campus and accommodation are NOT included in the program fee.
Commutation expenses should be personal expenses.

5) Information/Materials to be submitted to Osaka University before starting the program:
*Please submit the certain application form found in our Website;
*Passport copy, a certificate of school enrollment and a transcript issued by your home university should be submitted with the application.
*Please submit below-mentioned information for all participants.
 Electronically-based

 Copy of insurance certificate which confirms to cover your travel to and stay in Japan.
 Passport copy
 Passport-sized photo for Identification card at Osaka University
 Copy of air-ticket (round-trip)with fixed flight schedule
*E-ticket is acceptable.
 Other document to be submitted to Osaka University on arrival.
 Pledge

6) Program fee
1. SUMMER J-ShIP (June 19, 2013- August 13th, 2013): 240,000 JPY incl. tax.
2. AUTMUN J-ShIP (September 30, 2013- December 13th, 2013): 260,000 JPY incl. tax.
3. WINTER J-ShIP (December 16th, 2013- February 6th, 2014): 160,000 JPY incl. tax.
* Any commission charges for the payment, such as remittance charge and so forth, should be borne by each participant.
*The fee must be paid by the designated due date indicated in 7), after you received a notification of acceptance and an invoice.
Cancellation policy
 If you withdraw your application before the program starts, the amount of the program fee you paid, except for the “Application and Enrollment Fee” which is 20,000 yen will be refunded.
*Financial Support
 In FY 2011, JASSO (Japan Student Support Organization) launched a new financial support scheme for Short-stay programs. The J-ShIP was designed to fit into this category. In 2013, JASSO slightly modifies this scholarship scheme, and Osaka University will continuously request substantial support for J-ShIP 2013-2014 participants which is under application for JASSO as of March, 2013.
*Please notice that there are restrictions for JASSO scholarship awardees, such as arriving and leaving Japan within seven days of the program period and report submission.
*Japanese students are not eligible to apply for JASSO scholaraship.

7) Due dates: Please keep to the following deadline schedule.
[For Application]
*Please send your application with necessary documents by;
1. April 15, 2013: Due for SUMMER J-ShIP application
2. July 31, 2013: Due for AUTUMN J-ShIP application
3. September 30, 2013: Due for WINTER J-ShIP application

[For Enrollment and Payment]
*Please submit necessary materials for enrollment and make an payment for program participation by;
4. May 10, 2013: Due for SUMEER J-ShIP
5. August 23, 2013: Due for AUTUMN J-ShIP
6. October 25, 2013: Due for WINTER J-ShIP

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