Batas waktu: 31 Agustus 2013
 Submit ide inspiratif jika menjadi karyawan Danone, usia 20-35 tahun.
 Iphone, galaxy tab, ipod shuffle.


Danone Inspiration Competition; Danone Wishlist


Hello guys,

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Danone? Or got exciting ideas to do if you work at Danone? Let share your creative ideas and inspire other people by joining Danone Wishlist Competition. Show your wishlist and combine it with your awesome writing skills. Post it on and get the chance to win wonderful prizes.

Term & Conditions:

1.       Participants of Danone Wishlist Competition are Indonesian citizen aged 20-35 years old.

2.       Participants are allowed to send only one thought for this competition.

3.       The competition lasts from July 19, 2013 – August 31, 2013

4.       Maximum words for submitted thought are 500 words.

5.       Thought that participated in this competition can use either, Bahasa Indonesia or English and will not affect the evaluation process.

6.       You may upload one photo that represent your thought about Danone Wishlist

7.       Participants are required to “Like”’s Facebook Fanpage ( and follow @DanCommunityID’s Twitter Account (

8.       Participants who enter this competition must write #DanoneWishlist at the end of thought to indicate that you are following this competition.

9.       Participants are obligated to share submitted thought from their personal account. Here’s how:

–          Click the Facebook share button and create a summary about you thought. Don’t forget to tag DANCommunity’s fanpage account.

–          Click the Twitter share button and create a summary about you thought. Don’t forget to mention DANCommunity’s Twitter account and use hashtag #DanoneWishlist.

10.   Keep the interaction with the readers of your thought. Don’t forget to reply every existing comment.

Prizes for Danone Wishlist Competition:


1 iPhone 5

1 Danone Adventure + Goodie Bag


1 Galaxy Tab 2,7 inch

1 Danone Adventure + Goodie Bag


1 iPod Shuffle

1 Danone Adventure + Goodie Bag

So, what are you waiting for? Share your thought and win the cool prize!

Should you have any question, contact us on, Facebook, or Twitter!

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