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 Submit your article.
 Nexus google 7 II and amazon voucher.

Would you like to be published in a magazine read by 9000 EMA members and sent to many offices of the European Commission? Maybe you would also like to win a Nexus 7 tablet or other great prizes? Send us your article!


You have until the 23rd of October 2013 at 17:00 CET to submit your article!

The prizes for the three best articles – judged by anonymous voting within the EMA Communications team and within the entire EMA community – are as follows:

First prize: Nexus 7 II Google tablet
Second prize: Amazon voucher worth 150 EUR
Third prize: Amazon voucher worth 100 EUR

Please read the following guidelines carefully so as to maximise your chances to win.

The theme for the next issue of EMANATE is Innovating out of Crisis.

The word ‘crisis’ most commonly refers to the current global financial situation, but it can also refer to any other major social or economic malaise. It is not something we always want to think about, but we will never find a solution for it if we ignore it. That is why this issue welcomes submissions, both analytical commentaries as well as personal stories, that broadlyrelate to this theme.  However, we ask you to look ‘on the bright side’ – what is being done or can be done to overcome these challenges? What are some best practices or creative solutions out there? – in order to start dialogue within the EMA community and beyond that could help us ‘innovate out of crisis.’

We also welcome submissions that describe research projects in this area, especially those linked to Erasmus Mundus Masters and PhD programmes.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • youth unemployment in Europe (and the world?) and schemes to create work
  • approaches to and the potential for entrepreneurship
  • shifting dynamics in the global economy and new migration movements
  • the impacts of the economic recession outside of Europe
  • personal stories about changing career paths or work locations
  • practical advice about what new graduates can do to get work

Feel free, however, to choose another related area!


  • We want neat, punchy, well-researched and well-argued pieces that contribute to a productive discussion. We are currently trying to make EMANATE a bit more of a serious publication. If you want some inspiration, you could check out some example articles published in CAM, thealumni magazine of Cambridge University.
  • Articles should be between 400-900 words (approx. 450 words = one page, 900 word = 2 pages).
  • Long articles should be broken up into several sections with sub-headings.
  • Please always put your name, date, contact details, and EM course in the header of the paper.
  • We also gladly accept alternative submissions such as photo-essays, poems, travel writing, and others.

Please send appropriate photos along with your text submission, if possible. These should be high resolution, in jpeg format and preferably unedited (or at least without special effects). Please do not send us images for which you do not have the copyright.

As in previous editions, we will have an ‘EMA success stories’ and a ‘Your say’ section in EMANATE. Please share achievements (accepted to a PhD, found a good job, got project funding, or others) with the alumni community, whether they are yours or someone else’s! The ‘Your say’ section will publish pieces on any issue outside of the above that is relevant to the EMA community.

Please also send photos of you and/or other EMA graduates in interesting settings around the world – on top of a mountain, meeting someone famous, etc. We would like to do a photo montage of alumni experiences in the next EMANATE issue!

In order to better organise the magazine, we encourage you to pitch your ideas for articles to the EMANATE coordinator by filling in this google form.  Alternatively, email the following information:

›        your name
›        a proposed title for your article
›        and a short summary (4-8 sentences) of your proposed article.

You will receive feedback as soon as possible.

This should be done before the 9th of October 2013 at 17:00 CET.

Please note: If you do not submit an article plan, you may still submit a complete article before the final deadline.

How to win? Write a good article. Then, the best articles will be determined by a vote. Members of the EMA Communications Team will get a chance to rank their top five articles via an online poll. Additionally, a poll will be prepared for the entire EMA community to pick their top five articles. The two polls will be averaged (weighting 50:50) to determine the final results.

The winners of the competition will be profiled online and in the following edition of EMANATE.

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