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2016 Student Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum

Deadline            : 31 March 2016
Requirement    : Must be full-time student older than 18 y.o.
Award                 : Fully funded to join Global Youth Forum in US. Continue reading “2016 Student Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum”

2013 Youth Summit Development Case Competition

Batas waktu: 8 September 2013
 18 – 35 years old. 
 Trip to Washington DC, Seed funding, Internship at world bank or its partner.
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Budapest Water Summit

Batas waktu: as soon as possible.
 15-35 years old.
 There is limited financial support for some participants to join the summit in Hungary (Travel and accommodation). Lunch is provided for everyone during the summit.
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Invitation to ASEAN Young Professionals Volunteer Corps

Batas waktu: 19 juli 2013
 18-35 tahun.
 return airfares, accommodation, food and local transport for participants for the duration of the event are provided.
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Do Better Challenge – Essay Competition

Batas waktu: 14 Agustus 2013
 must be a One Young World 2013 confirmed Delegate or Returning Ambassador.
 lace as a Delegate Speaker at One Young World which offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the stage and share your views with the Summit.
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Indonesian Youth Delegate for 2nd International Youth Forum on Historical Reconc

Batas waktu: 8 Juli 2013
 Indonesian citizen, 18-30 years old.
Accommodation and meals during the event. note: travel ticket and other expenses are not waived by the committee.
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Momentum for Change: Urban Poor : UNFCCC

Batas waktu: 5 Juli 2013.
 Warga negara dari eligible countries. Indonesia salah satunya.
 Selected activities under each of the three calls will be recognised as Momentum for Change lighthouse activities, and showcased at a special event during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland in November, 2013.
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World Social Science Fellows

Batas waktu: 15 Juli 2013
 Postdoctoral researcher with 5 years experience.
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Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Goes to Campus [UGM]

Batas waktu pendaftaran: 23 Juni 2013
Acara yang dihadiri para Direktur/Chairman berbagai perusahaan petroleum terkemuka.
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