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Informasi lomba dalam dan luar negeri

2016 Student Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum

Deadline            : 31 March 2016
Requirement    : Must be full-time student older than 18 y.o.
Award                 : Fully funded to join Global Youth Forum in US. Continue reading “2016 Student Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum”


Global Development Awards 2016

Deadline          : 15 January 2016
Requirement  : From specific countries (Indonesian is eligible)
Award                : First Prize: US$ 30,000; Second Prize: US$ 10,000; Third Prize: US$ 5,000 Continue reading “Global Development Awards 2016”

Lomba Karya Ilmiah Remaja Ke-48 Tahun 2016

Deadline          : 21 March 2016
Requirement  : siswa SMP, SMA berusia 12-19 tahun
Award               : Presentasi, hadiah, sertifikat, mentoring. Continue reading “Lomba Karya Ilmiah Remaja Ke-48 Tahun 2016”

National Young Inventors Award NYIA

Deadline           : 11 July 2016
Requirement   : SD, SMP, SMA usia 8-18 tahun
Award                : Perwakilan lomba internasional, pendampingan mentor, hadiah, sertifikat. (total hadiah puluhan juta rupiah) Continue reading “National Young Inventors Award NYIA”

Jolkona-CATALYST 2016

Deadline          : 29 January 2016
Requirement  : Only for Indonesian, 22-35 years old
Award               : 19 days fully-supported training in US (9-27 May 2016 Continue reading “Jolkona-CATALYST 2016”

DATSUN Rising Challenge 2

Deadline          : 15 January 2016
Requirement  : WNI, usia 20-35 tahun, max budget 150 juta
Award               : Mobil Datsun dan modal 250 juta rupiah Continue reading “DATSUN Rising Challenge 2”

CALL for Magazine articles – EMA

Batas waktu: 23 oktober 2013
 Submit your article.
 Nexus google 7 II and amazon voucher.
Continue reading “CALL for Magazine articles – EMA”

Call for Ideas to ‘End Gender Discrimination Now!’

Batas waktu: 15 October 2013
 any individual or organization that has a good story to tell about gender and institutional/organizational change.
 selected entries will be featured on AWID, FLACSO, BRIDGE and Gender at Work websites.
Continue reading “Call for Ideas to ‘End Gender Discrimination Now!’”

NEPC Young Scholars Essay Competition

Batas waktu: 15 Oktober 2013
 young scholars under the age of 35 whose academic interest is related to teacher policies.
 the best essay will be published and awarded 500 USD.
Continue reading “NEPC Young Scholars Essay Competition”

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